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Sam Christie was impossibly handsome, irresistibly appealing--and fed up with women throwing themselves at him! It was hard work being a sex symbol and an Olympic gold medalist, especially when he wanted to be adored just for being the potato farmers son he was! When Mercy Rose Sullivan, his feisty neighbor, rescued him in an elevator, Sam was delighted she was attracted to him... and thrilled that she didnt recognize him! So what if she still got hysterical hiccups over her ex-fiance, the ballplayer who wouldnt take no for an answer? Sam enjoyed a challenge, and this endearing gypsy rocked him with desire like thunder after lightning. Mercy fell hard for the man whose long, slow, deep kisses left her breathless, but how could she forgive him for keeping his identity a secret... and for breaking her heart? She hated the limelight his fame shone on her, but could she stop loving this dreamer whod complicated her life, yet loved her just as she was?

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